Countertop Resurfacing: Updating a Kitchen on a Budget…

Keystone Resurfacing offers the best alternative for upgrading your kitchen countertops—don’t replace…resurface! Outdated, discolored, or damaged surfaces don’t need to cost a fortune to upgrade. Resurfacing allows your kitchen to be transformed without removing your existing countertops, saving you a great deal of time and money. You’ll get a beautiful, enduring finish quicker than you thought possible. Most jobs are completed in just 2 days.

Had enough of…?

  • Unsightly seams
  • Chips & scratches
  • Burn marks
  • Dull finish
  • Outdated patterns or colors

Don’t call the demolition crew; we will expertly transform your kitchen surfaces with a guaranteed satisfaction finish! See just how easy it is to be inspired again in the kitchen!

Consider Countertop Resurfacing

Extremely durable, seamless surface

40 Beautiful selections to choose from

Easy to clean

Custom edging options

Repairable in the future

Average kitchen complete in 2 days

Huge 50% to 70% savings over replacement

Countertop Resurfacing Process

The process of countertop resurfacing begins by covering areas of the kitchen that will not be included in the process. A special cleaner is used to remove food and other residue that may have accumulated on your kitchen countertop. If there are any chips, seams, or cracks in the countertop these will be repaired.

The countertop surface is then sanded and any optional edging would be styled in. Multiple layers of primer are applied followed by the color of your choice. The last step in the process is the application of a durable final coat to give your new countertop a hard-wearing, long-lasting finish.

Keystone Resurfacing is the area’s only authorized Avantstone dealer. Avantstone is a state-of-the-art composite surface for kitchen countertops. It combines the beauty of natural stone with the durability of solid surface technology. You can visit to see some of the color selections.

Some of the color selections can be seen by clicking here: Avantstone

For a complete sample of color choices contact us for a free estimate.